Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Earth, Wind, and Beer....Hop Notch

Thank You Uinta!!!

This beer truly is Hop Top Notch, Top Hop Notch, Top Notch, and Hoptastically Fantastic.
 ** Say that 3 times fast **

How such a wonderful beer comes from Bizzaro-world Mormon land, I have no idea. But you would be quite surprised, Utah actually has a great beer culture, and has breweries that have been turning out fantastic beers for years; even in Utah!!! Enough of that stuff though...what really matters here is Hop Notch....   This is my new favorite IPA, and beer for that matter, hands down....Note: Uinta made great beer before they made awesome labels, *these are hot!!!  Up to par with Odells Brewing, Laurelwood Brewing, and Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada 'Life and Limb' bottle.....But that's whole other post I can do another time....

*Nonetheless, check out this link to their new label artwork....
Uinta Label Revamp

oh yeah... Fun Fact; On March 24th 2009 Utah finally made home-brewing Legal!!!  That only leaves Alabama  Kentucky, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. -Wow!! They must think the Devil himself is a home-brewer. Thank you hey-zeus for beer!!!

Hop Notch IPA
7.3% ABV
12oz Bottle

This beer is almost as fresh as it gets, two weeks in the bottle, from SLC to Boise. Bought at our local co-op.
The pour is easy, good carbonation and decent one finger head. The color is a clear/light amber, and bright.(not hazy) This beer has great aroma, I'm guessing because it is pretty fresh.

Fruity and Pine aroma, very inviting, and refreshing. Light sweet malt body with a clean finish(not to dry/not too sweet-perfect??), and very mild bitterness. This beer is very easy to drink, and is great for those who Love Hops!!!

The initial hop flavor is fruity and flowery, and finishes with a pine/grapefruit flavor in the back half of the mouth. The malt is pretty light, lightly sweet up front, with a smooth dry finish. The mouth is medium light, and clean. Very easy to drink, a throw-down session beer, if you want to get a little hammered!!!  Perfect, for bigger guys like me, effects of what a normal pale ale would give a smaller man.

Thank you to Utah breweries, this state makes really great beer!!!(to name a few; Wasatch/Squatters, Epic, Bohemian, etc....check them all out)

Keep your Mormons, but please keep sending your Beer!!!!

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  1. Fruity and pine aroma? Yes please. I love the label too. I must admit the pine/grapefruit comment intrigues me.
    How long is your hair now? I think we need a photo of you drinking the beer.